Stop Forgotten Items with a Driver Alert

Have you ever had a driver forget to grab a 2-liter on the way out the door to deliver a customer's order? Driver alerts can help stop this!  

A Driver alert will pop up on the screen when the order is assigned to the driver.  The alert can be triggered by certain items or messages on the order, or can be added to a custom message.  

Item Alerts
If you have certain items that are frequently forgotten, set a driver alert on the item.
Navigate to Manager Home > Configuration > Items
Expand the Department / Category hierarchy to find your item and click Edit. 
Check the Driver Alert box and save.

Message Alerts

You can add a custom message to any item or ticket, and set it to trigger an alert.
After ringing up your order, press the M button below the item or the Message button at the bottom of the virtual ticket.
Type in your message and check the Driver Alert button. 
Press Apply to add the message to the ticket.

Seeing the Driver Alert

The alert will pop up when the order is assigned to the driver.

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