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Customer Display

Provide your customers with a great ordering experience - use Thr!ve's customer display feature!   Attach a mini-iPad to the back of your workstation to show customers the order as it is rung up, allow them to sign for their credit card and add a tip (tips added in Version 8.0).   You can also use display ads to promote specials. 

To learn more about adding a display to your system, please contact your account manager.   We can assist with the proper iPad enclosures to connect to your terminals.  

Once the hardware is installed, technical support can assist you to upload images, modify colors and activate your display. 

You'll need the following promotional images:
Header 230 x 2048 px
3 Carousel images that rotate - 880 x 580 px
2 Lower images - 420 x 580 px

The display will ring up the order like this: 

When you tender the order, if you use a credit card, the screen will update to show this: 

The customer can sign, add a tip, and choose their receipt option. 
If they choose an email receipt, they will be prompted to enter their email address. 

The screen will then reset for the next customer.

Configuration Tips: 

To use the credit on screen signature option, navigate to Configuration > General > Station Hardware.  Select the station that will have the display attached, then check the "On Screen Signature" box.

When you install the Thr!ve app on the iPad mini that is used for the display, select it as a Rear Display.  When you first load the app, it will ask you to pair to a workstation.  Select the station that you are connected to and press Connect.   Now the display will start showing orders rung up on that station.  

If you ever wish to disconnect the rear display from the station, from the Thr!ve home screen choose Config.   At the bottom of this screen it will let you know if Thr!ve rear display is enabled or disabled for this station, and you can change it from here.

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!   

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