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Credit Batch - WorldPay Element / EMV

If you are using the EMV integration with WorldPay | Element, you'll use Thr!ve Manager to access the credit batch function.

Before batching your credit cards, confirm that you've completed the rest of the End of Day process: 
  • Closed all tickets
  • Add tips to credit card tickets
  • Closed registers
  • Closed driver and server shifts
  • Completed End of Day Deposit
You should batch your credit cards daily to ensure timely deposits from your processor!

From your Home screen, click on the Thr!ve Manager icon. 

Or, from Manager Home, click on Cash, and then on the Credit link

Once you are in Thr!ve Manager, click on Open Batch if you are not already seeing this screen.  You'll see the Batch Summary for your current open batch, where you can see the total credit transactions broken out by card type, and by card Present or Not-Present settings.

Click on the "Transaction Details header below the summary to expand this section. 

Here you will see list of individual transactions and their status.  You can use the check boxes at the top of this screen to filter transactions which have been authorized or voided, or to see tickets that are still open.  Click on the header to sort by any field.

You can select one or more transactions by touching the row, and click Reprint Slip at the top if you need a printed copy.  This will print to the credit receipt printer defined for your station.

Use the arrow after the ticket # to expand details about any individual transaction:

At the bottom of the screen, you may see information about unauthorized charges.

This can occur if you had an internet outage and the system was unable to reach the processor at the time of the transaction.   You must authorize these transactions before closing the batch, so click the button to authorize.

Use the checkbox to select the payments to authorize, and click Authorize Selected.

Once the transactions have been authorized, you are ready to close the batch.  Click the Close Batch button.

If any of the tickets are still open or open/settled, you'll see this warning.  You should press cancel to go back to the POS system and finish those orders or close those driver / server shifts  (Use the "Open" filter box on the batch details screen to find out which ones they are).   If you wish to proceed anyway, these transactions will be held for the next batch.  Press OK to proceed.

You'll see a progress screen as the system completes post-authorizations on each transaction.  During this time, the system is contacting the processor to update the transaction amount and status.  This may take several minutes depending on the size of your batch and your internet speed, so be patient until all transactions are complete.

When all transactions are complete, press the Close Batch button to complete the process.
You'll then see the Close Batch Result.

Once the batch is closed, you can click on the Settled Batches link (left side) to see the batch details.  You'll see a list of each batch - click on it to see transaction details. 

Use the Close link on the left navigation menu to return to the POS homescreen.

If you experience any errors during the batch close process, please contact Technical Support or your processor to confirm that transactions were processed!

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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