Sending An Instant Message

Need a quick way to communicate today's specials or other encouraging words to your team?  Use Thr!ve Instant Message feature to display a scrolling message across the tops of your terminals.

To send an instant message, click on the message "Bubble" icon at the top of the screen.

Select New Message

By default, messages will expire at the end of the day.  You can use the "Expires" drop down to change this date. 

Use the drop down to select "All Stations" or an individual station.
Type your message
Use the "Flash" box if you want your message to blink on and off.
Click "SEND" to send your message

Note: There is a security setting that controls which employee roles can send instant messages. 

To delete a sent message, click on the message bubble icon and touch the message from the drop down. Click the red X to the right of the message to delete it.

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