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DR!VE App Frequently Asked Questions

What version is required for Dr!ve?
FireFly or Thr!ve 7_02_07-6 or higher.

How can I see arrival time for an order?
Arrival time is shown on the in process map and on the Driver Ticket Report. 

How can I see the customer signature?
If the customer signs for their credit card on the app, it is saved in the database.  Use the Reprint credit function to include the signature on it. (Epson mode printers only). Or, use the E-mail Receipt function from Full Review to send the receipt to yourself or the customer, with the signature included.

Can I have the driver swipe the customer's credit card on their phone?
No, the credit card authorization must occur prior to dispatch. This ensures a valid, authorized card.  

What happens if the tip is already pre-arranged on the order?
The pre-arranged amount will show on the app in the "Other" box.  

Why is the coupon for this order not showing up on the Dr!ve app?
Dr!ve only shows coupons that are marked in their set up as "physical coupon required"

Why is the "Arrive" button disabled?
The "arrive" button is disabled until the driver is within .25 miles of the destination.

Do I have to turn on GPS for Dr!ve to work?
Without GPS, drivers will not have access to mapping, directions, or the ability to "arrive" at the location.   The app will not be able to report driver locations to the POS system.

Will the driver location update if the App is not active?
If the driver is logged in to the app and has enabled permissions for location tracking, the app will send location data even when minimized (i.e. if another app is in front of it).  This is as of the Dr!ve 2.0 version (Oct 2017)

My driver location hasn't updated. Why?
If the driver location isn't updating, it is likely because the driver has exited the app or turned off their GPS.

Why isn't the driver location changing on the In Process Map?
The In Process map does not auto refresh - it loads the driver locations when it loads the map.  Close the window and reload to see the latest locations.

How can I de-authorize a driver from the app?
You can make a driver inactive, or remove their mobile phone # from the field in their employee record.

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