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Size and Style Buttons

When building your menu, you'll want to add Size buttons for any menu departments that require a size choice, and Style buttons for any that require a style like a crust type. 

To add a Size or Style button to the menu, navigate to Configuration > Menus.
Select the menu tab on the left that you want to modify.

Select a free spot on the menu. 
From the right side configuration menu, choose Button Type = Size.
Size buttons are always yellow and round, but you can modify the text color.

Select browse under the "Department" option.  This will bring up a list of your menu departments. Select the department that applies to this menu tab.

Next, select Browse under the "Size Descript" field.  This will allow you to pick from a "Size" button or other "Style" button such as crust, if this department has styles.

Next, select Browse under the "Size" field.  This will allow you to pick the specific size you want to have on the button.

The display name will default to the size abbreviated name.  You can edit it here if needed.  
The button size defaults to a small button.  You can change it to a Large button, which will take up 2 grid spaces (vertically).
Press OK to save your size button.

To easily create the remaining sizes for the department, select the Copy button from the lower menu. 

Choose a blank button location and select the Paste button.  Then, you can just change the "Size" field to the next size. 

Use the Update Now button at the bottom of the screen to save your menu changes. 

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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