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Reprint Ticket

Reprint a ticket to get a receipt to a customer, to correct a mistake, or to get a clean copy to the kitchen. 

Where to find the Reprint Button

The Reprint ticket button is available in several places:
  • The bottom of the orders screen
  • The bottom right of the Virtual Ticket
  • The bottom of the dispatch screen (as of version 7.8.0)

Reprinting A Ticket

When you press reprint, you'll have the option to select what type of ticket to print.

  • Receipt - Customer receipt
  • Kitchen - Production tickets for the kitchen
  • Local - The customer receipt to the defined local printer
  • Label - Box labels, if defined
  • Credit - Credit card receipt
  • Account - the House Account Pay signature receipt
  • All - prints all available receipts 
For kitchen printing, you will have the added option to select which kitchen printers to send the reprint to.

All printers that are relevant for the particular order will be highlighted.  If you wish to print to only some of them, deselect the ones you don't want to print to, then select Print.    

(The option to select specific kitchen printers was added in version 7.8.0)

Note:  Unsaved items will be saved before printing.

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