Auto Gratuity Tips

In many table service restaurants, it is standard practice to add an auto gratuity for large parties.  Here's how to add and manage this tip. 

Note: Auto gratuity was added to Thr!ve in version 7.8.0

Configure Auto Gratuity:

Navigate to Configuration > Order Types > Table to set up the auto gratuity. 

  • Auto Gratuity:   Specify an automatic tip to be added with parties of X or more people (Be sure to require entering the # of people below).  Select Gross (to apply the gratuity to the total before any discounts or coupons) or Net (to apply after discounts or coupons.)
  • Does server keep auto gratuity:  Allows you to specify if the auto gratuity will be paid to servers with their tips, or if it is retained by the restaurant.

Applying the Auto Gratuity:

When you take a table order, and enter the correct # of people, the auto gratuity will automatically apply

  • Changing order totals will cause the auto gratuity to update
  • Changing the # of people may cause the auto gratuity to be removed
  • Splitting the ticket will keep the auto gratuity on the child tickets, even if they are modified.
  • Credit card receipts will print with a line that explains the auto gratuity included in the total, and a separate line for additional tip.
  • You can add additional tip from the tender screen or the Adjust Tip screen.
  • The Auto Gratuity will be included in server close "Tips" if set for server to keep auto gratuity
  • The Auto Gratuity will be paid out of register close "Tips" if set for server to keep auto gratuity, for orders closed to the register.

Removing the Auto Gratuity:

If you prefer to remove the gratuity for a particular order, you can do so from the Adjust Tips screen. 

Touch the X next to the auto gratuity line.   Then you can add a different tip amount.  

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