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Using The Internal Loyalty Program

Rewarding your customers is a great way to build repeat business.  Thr!ve has a simple internal customer loyalty program that allows you to track points per transaction and redeem points as $ off an order.  

Tip: If you are looking for more robust loyalty features, including automated email / text / mobile communications to remind customers to return, check out Thr!ve Loyalty (also known as SalesBuilder).

Here's a video overview of the program:

To get started with the internal loyalty program, first activate it and configure it (Learn more about that here).   

The internal loyalty program is available as of version 7.8.0

Enrolling Customers:
If you've configured your system to be "auto enroll" - all customers will automatically earn points for purchases. Just be sure to look up the customer to associate them with the order.

If you wish to use loyalty cards to limit enrollment or to make looking up customers easier, you can enroll the customer in 2 different ways.

1.  When you save a customer record, enter a loyalty card number into the "Loyalty #" field to enroll the customer:

2. From the tender screen, use the Loyalty button to look up and enroll a customer.

Search your customer database using first or last name, email or phone #. 

Select an existing customer with a loyalty # to use for this order, or select one that has not been enrolled yet and choose 'Enroll Existing".  If you are using loyalty cards, you'll need to enter the loyalty card # first. 

If you don't find an existing customer you can "Enroll New Customer" which will add this customer record to your customer database. 

Earning Points:
Enrolled customers will earn points according to the point formula you have set up.  They'll earn points on the ticket total, not including tax, rounded down to the nearest point.  

You can see their point total on the customer record here: 

Click the point total to bring up the redemption screen.

Redeeming Points:
When you select a customer, you'll see a gift icon next to their name if they are enrolled in the loyalty program.  If it's yellow, they have points to redeem.

Click on the icon to see the point details: 

The current point balance shows the customer's total points based on orders placed.  
The Available point balance may be less, if some orders are not yet closed.
The Available credit translates points into dollars, based on your point formula.
Select the "Redeem up to" button to redeem the maximum available credit, or enter a $ amount of credit to use and select Redeem Specified.

The amount redeemed will appear as a $ off coupon on the order and the customer's point balance will be reduced. 

Note:  Voiding a ticket will restore the point balance.

Tip:  You can print loyalty program information on the customer receipt to let customers know what they've earned.  Go to Configuration > Printer > Printer Ticket and select Customer Receipt > Footer to configure the Points Earned and Point Balance to print.

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!    

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