How Many New Customers Have Returned?

You work hard to bring new customers in the door.  How many of those turn into loyal, repeat visitors?   Let's find out. 

Step 1:  How many new customers have tried your restaurant in the past 120 days

Navigate to Manager Home > Customers and click the Advanced Search button

On the advanced search screen, activate the "First Order" line by putting an "AND" to the left, and selecting "SINCE" and "120 Days Ago"

Click Search.   Look at the top of the search results to find out how many total new customers you've served.

Step 2:  How many of these have ordered more than once? 

Click the Advanced Search button again.  Keep the first order date critera, but now also activate the Total # of orders criteria by putting an AND to the left and > 1 in the criteria. 

Click Search.  Look at the top of the search results to find out the total # of those new customers who have come back at least once. 

Divide the 2nd number by the 1st number to get the % of customers who have returned in this time period. 

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