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Version 7.6.x

Version 7.6.0

New Features (Thr!ve)

  • Edit Promise Times for an individual order - this "deferred order shortcut" lets you adjust promise time for an individual order, so if a customer calls at 5 pm and wants to pick it up at 6:30 you can communicate this to the kitchen.   Learn More
  • Item Countdown  - Track how many you have of any individual item. Ordering will "countdown" until they are gone and no longer available.  Learn More
  • Description button to pop up item description - press down on any item button or touch the ... to the right of the item in the virtual ticket to see the description.  Learn More
  • Bar Tabs - Swipe a card to start a tab.  You can choose to initially authorize for $1.00 or a minimum amount in $25 increments.  This tokenizes the card and makes sure it is valid. When closing out, the amount will be adjusted up to the full amount of the ticket.   Read More about bar tabs.
  • Tax Exempt Customer - Customers marked as tax exempt will prompt user to allow the order to be tax exempt.  Learn More
  • Customer search - added company /lodging search options to the customer search screen.
  • Multiple pricing scheme on demand (from options screen) - make any order use a different pricing scheme for hotels, delivery services, etc.  Learn More

Improvements (Thr!ve)

  • Restored the "Max Deliveries to Assign" feature and manager override functionality.
  • Added Account Receipt reprint option in Thr!ve reprints area.
  • Add Thr!ve Online update method to Central Menu management push
  •  Added non-tax sale information to the Virtual Ticket
  • Added ability to edit and/or remove a ticket or item Message
  • Orders screen, list # of tickets found
  • Revamped the customer screen so the customer message is more prominent in the main section
  • Restored the Break Rules functionality partially - so Thr!ve users can specify break rules for scheduling purposes. (Not yet enforced in frontend)
  • Improved Deferred Pickup Orders to not print the CC receipt at time of order
  • Improved Thr!ve's SalesBuilder search to match on phone # upon customer select - if a customer is in SalesBuilder with that phone #, it should find and match them!
  • Added a warning if attempting to schedule a deferred order outside business hours
  • Improved the logic for matching existing customer addresses vs. creating a new one when orders are submitted from Thr!ve online.
  • Improved Fraction ordering so you can pick a topping overall, then a specialty on each half

Corrections (Thr!ve Frontend)

  • Fixed Coupon issues ordering in Quantity with the OR option
  • Fixed issue with a Coupon defined in general value screen but with required items.
  • Fixed issue applying a customer offer to a recalled deferred order.
  • Fixed issue with Auto apply coupon only applies to first item in group of eligible items when "OR" is used to define requirements.

Menus, Items & Pricing
  • Improved Topping based pricing to properly enforce the max # of toppings
  • Fixed issue wihere Items which include tax in price and prompt for price reduce by the amount of the tax every time the order is evaluated
  • Fixed Pricing issues that can occur if multiple price entries in database
  • Improved frational ordering to set default size / style if defined
  • Fixed an issue where a 2nd Requirement Pop up doesnt always show the NO option
  • Fixed issue with combining extremely large tickets  
  • Enhanced pricing so that Toppings with N/A price are not valid for to add to the item.
  • Fixed issue with default style item changing style on all items
  • Fixed issue where going to full review on an unsaved ticket then hides prices on virtual ticket

Payments & TIps
  • Resolved issues with displaying tip adjustment when 2 cards used for identical amounts.
  • Improved Gift Tip Adjustment process
  • Resolved issues with voiding non integrated gift cards
  • Added support for STS gift cards
  • Fixed receipt printing problems with split ticket pay now.
  • Improved partial void of a ticket paid by gift card to void the correct amount to the card.

Orders Screen
  • Orders Screen Advanced Search Amount error
  • Improved Orders screen to hide online orders when filtered by server
  • Fixed Server Close Report so that transfers are not always saying "Main Safe"

  • Improved "valid order types" on new customers, so that activating an order type is easier.
  • Fixed error with Customer History "View Order" on gift cert only orders.
  • Fixed issue with Promise time update not refreshing display with daypart end after midnight

  • Improved New customers save process to ensure registration date is filled in
  • On iPad, enhanced so that finish defaultd cursor into customer ID field
  • Enhanced focus after clicking the "message" button on the VT
  • Enhanced focus at customer lookup to remain on phone number
  • Improved the Fractional "A" section to make it larger and easier to select
  • Improved Transfer Settled Ticket message for clarity
  • Enhanced Focus to swipe field and highlight the button after an error/decline
  • Enhanced error message when an Invalid bin error is received on card swipe

Improvements & Corrections (Thr!ve Backend)

  • Prevented settled table tickets from showing in cash location until server close
  • Improved Copy offer to properly copy "available online" field
  • Resolved deleted email confirm issue locks you out backend.
  • Fixed printing issue for coupons with receipt set to print quantity items grouped
  • ADP export has "=" to show the leading zeros but needs them removed for import
  • Fixed print format issues with Apostrophe in customer last name
  • Fixed issues duplicating register close from FF frontend or TV/FF backend
  • Improved Thrive Online orders printing so that call center print scheduler will not cause double print
  • Gift Certificates report masks all card #s.
  • Fixed issue with blank VT when recalling tickets from ticket details report due to custom tender error
  • Block register close if there are no transactions in the register.
  • Remove the social media manager function from manager home (deprecated due to security concerns)


  • Auto Update feature -- Initial release of this improved feature will be limited to support use only for beta testing.   The system will now download yum updates in the background on a schedule to speed the update process. When updates are available they will be notified in manager home and an authorized user can run the update from there.
Version 7.6.1
  • Improved Editing mileage from Payroll details to update Driver Performance Report
  • Fixed issue with a particular Caller ID string: Unparseable Date in INNINGS Setting
  • Enhanced printing to not print "Free Delivery" if delivery charge is set to no valid charge (rather than a coupon that discounts the delivery fee)
Version 7.6.2 - No relevant issues

Version 7.6.3
  • Improved workflow for Bar tab when card is declined on final close out
  • Added a new PayCom payroll integration
  • Resolved issues with Mercury devices not recognizing ValueLink gift card type correctly
  • Enhanced backend register close process to prevent register close with no transactions.
Version 7.6.4
  • Added an option for Epson TM-20II printer and improved Medium font formatting for all Epson printers
        Option TM-88 Alternate is for printers that line wrap from having a larger small font.
        Option TM-20II has a smaller font than the TM-88 which causes the full paper width to not be used. This option spaces correctly.
        Medium font option has spacing corrected for each of the Epson thermal models.
  • Added New Cashdrawer Option for USB->Parallel port adapter.  USB-Parallel adapters require a different drawer kick format. This option is now available in drawer config setup page.
  • Added functionality for auto jboss restart when database connection is lost, this is particularly useful for FireFly clients who need jBoss for Thr!ve Online, and don't realize its not running.
  • Fixed issues with email of receipt which was only working for existing customer emails if SalesBuilder loyalty and Send Order Confirmation were turned on
  • Fixed "Tax included in price" + "Tax applies after discounts" order level offer issues
  • Improved printer edit process, so a change to Jet Direct keeps printer location information
  • Subtotal "move" feature refactored to avoid conflict with the new description button.  Now move happens with the subtotal button.
  • Fixed Countdown Items button on Config > cat/dept/item  screen display issue.
Version 7.6.5
  • Added a button to manually update TOL (on the Config > Store > General page and the Config > Item page)
  • Change Firefox configuration in our standard FireFox build to reload page per session for improved cache management.
  • Enhanced "Copy Offer" function to include size details, max per item and all other fields.
  • Resolved issue with Saving Config> Tax  "sending to TOL" not auto closing.
  • Resolved Fractional Printing Issues where occasionally "Overall" or "1st Half" will appear with no items.
  • Resolved issues with coupons which ignored the max item discount and max value of offer in some cases.
  • Resolved issue where Salesbuilder enrollment dialog was appearing even when turned off.
  • Resolved Issues deleting tax structure
  • Resolved issues copying styles in the table design area.
Verson 7.6.6  -- No relevant issues.

Version 7.6.7
  • Resolved an issue with items are not defaulting to "Corporate" when I'm a master store
  • Set Gift card issue to default to "sell new" instead of reload
  • Revised Paycom payroll integration to use employee_number instead of ID
  • Resolved an issue with N2K Order export and "do not report as special pricing" offers
Version 7.6.8
  • Resolved issues when inserting a timeclock break from Payroll Details, defaulting the date correctly.
  • Improved Item Configuration of Suggestions and Modifer Exclusions populating from category to item.
  • Resolved an issue with multiple breaks on Payroll Report.
Version 7.6.9
  • Improved efficiency of iPad performance
  • Improved deferred order scheduler to set promise time to reflect proper deferred times
  • Resolved issues with combining order % offers with exclusions problems
  • Resolved issues with Driver Return and Pay screen
  • Resolved issues with Mercury Gift Balance Check on GRS encrypted reader
  • Restored Security on Prior Day Order Refund
Version 7.6.10
  • Increased order search list query limit to display 1000 orders per day (up from 500)
  • Added reprint customer receipt for orders with only gift card sale.
  • Resolved pricing error with zero $ item fractions.
  • Resolved issues with View Schedule when there are multiple shifts in one day
  • Resolved several Inventory UI issues
  • Resolved a pricing issue: x2 is not increasing price on 1st topping, topping only pizza
  • Resolved issues with close shifts related to tender types with apostrophes
Version 7.6.11

  • Update phpmailer for security vulnerability.
  • Added Export to Thr!ve Online on Gift Card Setup Page to support future use of gift card payment method there.
  • Improved error log handling for message queues.
  • Resolved issue with Inventory PO / Invoice sending email
  • Resolved issue with saving SSN & Bank Acct Employee config
Version 7.6.12
  • Resolved date picker issues on deferred date / time selection on the iPad app.  
Version 7.6.13
  • Fixed an issue with an Ithaca printer header format.
  • Improved efficiency of Google Maps duplicate requests.
  • Fixed issue with N2K Void Amount occasionally Incorrectly Being Sent as Scientific Notation
  • Solved issue where Deferred Setup Printer Locations would not save
  • Resolved issue with Tax summary report isn't including delivery charges in non-tax sales totals
  • Resolved issues sending emails when schedule is posted.
  • Resolved issue where All employee OT alerts are being sent once every 30 minutes.
Version 7.6.14
  •  Add "allow save open tickets" for order type "EatIN" (Thr!ve schema change)
  • With quantity items are grouped printed ticket does not group coupon
  • Store Summary Open Tickets Pop Up Should Not Include Open Settled
  • N2K should not submit order tips at driver/server close shift
  • PostAuths that decline need to mark the record declined or void depending on error message
  • Can't save store hours
  • Can't save original two custom tenders
  • Credit card setup will insert extra record w/ offset values when saved.
  • Reserve table is not working (Thr!ve)
Version 7.6.15
  • Resolved issue with Driving Direction showing in consistent measurement (KM vs MI)
  • Resolved issues splitting subtotal orders.
  • Resolved issues with Item requirements changing order on recall.
Version 7.6.16
  • Resolved issues with some items not going to the KPS if order was previously bumped
Version 7.6.17
  • Declined Deferred Credit Order  - refactored workflow so retendering works properly.
  • Resolved issue where Countdown items not working when no items are out of stock.
  • Resolved issue with Production printing for labels with TOL  (Uses callcenter printing scheduler, order submit with proper values)
  • Resovlved issue with Import to TOL for Offer.offer_apply_to_low_high incorrect value.
  • Resolved issue with closing driver shift (when bank is assigned) using return and pay  

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