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Add A Tip via Driver Close - New & Improved v.7.7.0

There are various ways a tip can be added to a ticket. Directly on the order during the order process, through the orders screen or through the delivery process. This article covers how to add a tip for delivery. The tip can easily be added by navigating to the Dispatch Screen.

Select the driver who has been assigned the order and click on  "Driver Status"

On the left, you'll see all the tickets assigned to that driver.

Adding A Tip:
Click on the ticket you wish to add a tip to. All tickets must be settled before tips can be added. Tickets are usually settled in advance, before dispatch. 

The on screen keypad will appear, or you can use your keyboard to enter the tip amount.  Press save,or just tab through the orders to tender all tips, and press save on the last one.

Deleting or Correcting a Tip:
If a mistake was made on a tip you can simply repeat the process above and enter in the correct tip amount or enter in $0.00.

If any ticket is not settled, you will not be able to enter the tip.  This is rare, as most tickets are automatically settled to cash if another tender type is not selected.  If you have cleared the settle record from a ticket (from Full Review), recall that ticket and press Finish to pay it to a tender type. 

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