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Using the Item Countdown Feature

The Item Countdown feature is a great tool to use if you have limited supplies of certain items.  For example, if you only get 10 lobsters or 12 slices of cheesecake, the countdown can help track how many are left and prevent ordering once they are gone. 

Set Up Countdown
To set up the countdown on an item, navigate to Manager Home > Configuration > Items and select the item to edit.  

Check the "Coundown Enabled" box and enter a starting quantity of orders available.

Managing Countdown Items
On a daily basis, you can easily manage the quantity on hand of all your countdown items.   Click on the "Countdown Items" button in the Config > Items area. 

Here you will see a list of all items enabled for countdown.  You can update the on hand quantity and save.  You'll also see the amount sold today, a projected sales amount, and an alert if your projection exceeds the amount on hand. 

Countdown Items in the POS

The available quantity will appear in the upper right corner of the item button on the POS system.

As orders are placed, this quantity will decrease.   Once the item is out, it will appear as out of stock. 

TIP:  When an item is voided, the default assumption is that the item was already made, so the countdown does NOT increase.  If you have Thr!ve inventory licensed, however, voids will prompt you to indicate if the item was made or unmade.  If you choose unmade, the countdown will increase as that item is back in stock.  

If you use Thr!ve Online, when a countdown item gets down to zero, the system will update your online ordering site to mark that item as Out of Stock.   When you add to the count, Thr!ve Online will put that item back in stock.  This integration is available as of Thr!ve version 8.0

(The countdown feature is available as of Thr!ve version 7.6.0)

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