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Item Descriptions

The Item Description is a handy way to provide additional details about a menu item's ingredients, allergens, nutritional content, calories etc.  It can provide a script to help your staff describe each item in an appropriately delicious way.  It can also be used on mock item buttons to provide other frequently requested information such as directions to the restaurant. 

The description is entered in the item setup area.  Click here to learn more about item setup. 

There are 2 ways to view the description from the point-of-sale.

Option 1:  Long Press

Press and hold on an item button to see the description pop up

Option 2:  3 dots in the Virtual Ticket

Once an item is ordered, press the 3 dots next to it in the virtual ticket to see the description pop up 

(The Item Description feature was added to Thr!ve in version 7.6.0)

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