Declined Deferred Credit Card Orders

Normally, if a credit card is going to decline, you'll get notified right away during the ordering process so that you can request another form of payment.   However, in cases of deferred orders, you may find a "Declined" status credit card. This can happen because at the time of the order, we obtain the card and in some cases authorize for a minimal amount to ensure it is a valid card.  This does not mean that we've authorized for the full amount of the order -- that occurs when the order goes live. 

Watch the Video about this topic:

If the card declines when it goes live, you'll be notified with a message on the ticket (both on screen and printed).  This is your signal to contact the customer and obtain another type of payment. 

If you miss this message, you'll also be alerted when the delivery order is assigned to a driver:

To change the tender type to a new credit card, recall the order.   Press Finish to get to the tender screen. 

You'll see the declined credit card appears on this screen.  Click on the red X to remove this payment from the ticket.

Be sure that you click the blue "Void" button to remove the declined payment from the ticket.

Then you can go ahead and enter a new form of payment.  Select Pay to finish the order.

If you forget to remove the declined card, you may see this message: 

Be sure to follow the instructions above and remove the declined payment first!

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