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Menu Function Buttons

Menu Function buttons allow you to place a shortcut to commonly used features right on your menu screen.  To set up a menu function button, navigate to Manager Home >  Configuration > Menu and select the menu tab where you wish to add it.

Select an available spot on the menu and, on the right side of the screen select the ButtonType "Function"

Set the Text Color, Text Style and Graphic File as you would for any other button.
For the "Function" field, click on the List button to view available functions.   The functions highlighted in Yellow are available for Thr!ve users:

These include:
  • Open Drawer - opens the register for a "no sale" with proper security
  • Deferred Order - brings up the deferred order options prompt
  • Gift Cert. Sale - brings up the "Sell Gift Card" prompt
  • Coupon Code  - triggers the coupon code prompt
  • Split Ticket - navigates to the split ticket screen
  • Loyalty Card - brings up the Loyalty Search screen for easy access to loyalty customer data
  • Non-Tax Sale - triggers the non tax sale prompt
  • Smart Coupons - Shows available coupons for this order.
Select the function you want to use.   The button name will default, but you can change it, as well as the button size and color.

Press OK to save changes, then press Update Now to update your menu.

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